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Hernando Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog

Are you in pain after a car accident?

With millions of cars on the road, it is no wonder that most people are involved in a car accident at some point in their lives. Whether it is a minor issue or a more serious medical problem, if you crashed your car, or if a car crashed into you, you may experience an injury. Car crashes can cause similar types of injuries to the people involved.

After the crash, you may experience the aftereffects of a certain type of injury called a soft tissue injury. The pain and disability associated with soft tissue injuries could cause you to have to seek medical help, take time away from work or adjust your lifestyle. You may stress over how you will pay bills or handle insurance claims.

Has your loved one exhibited signs of nursing home abuse?

When an elderly loved one needs more care than you can realistically provide, you may find yourself at a conflicting point. Should you attempt to provide the care on your own anyway? Should you hire in-home assistance? Should you place your loved one in a nursing home? The decision is often a difficult one for many Mississippi residents to make, but in the best interests of their family members, they often must come to some sort of conclusion.

Commonly, parties will choose to utilize nursing home facilities in hopes that their loved ones will receive the necessary care to help them live as best as possible. Of course, you may have concerns that nursing home abuse could take place, and unfortunately, these worries are not unwarranted as many details could point to such abuse.

Filing a claim as a victim of an out-of-state car accident

If you travel from your home in Mississippi to another state, even if it is just across the state line, and you are involved in an accident, you might be unsure about your legal options. Regardless of whether the reason for your travel is a vacation or a business trip, if another party caused you harm, you might have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. Will you file the claim in your home state or in the state in which the injuries occurred?

You can only file a lawsuit in the county or state that has jurisdiction over the defendant and your claims. If the individual, business or other entity that evidence suggests was responsible for the incident that caused your injuries is from another state, the case will be under the jurisdiction of the state in which the incident happened. Although it would be most logical to file the complaint in that state, the distance might be inconvenient.

Auto part defects responsible for a number of injuries and deaths

Every year in the United States, auto manufacturers recall hundreds of thousands of automobiles. Some of these recalls come after the vehicle makers discover issues that require attention, while other recalls come after consumers in Mississippi and elsewhere suffer injuries or death while using their cars. Since Congress passed the National Highway Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act in 1966, the auto industry has recalled over 390 million automobiles due to safety concerns.

What does it take to initiate a recall? How can I file a complaint about a safety issue? What can I do if a defect is responsible for personal injuries or the death of a loved one?

We pay attention to distracted driving accidents

Have you ever been watching a television show and received a text message? You look down, retrieve the message, and then turn your eyes back to your show, only to find you've missed a critical point in the story. A lot can happen in a few seconds. That's precisely why distracted driving is so dangerous.

Despite the lack of a texting-and-driving ban for most motorists in Mississippi, you're a safe driver and know better than to use your phone when you're in the driver's seat. Regrettably, you cannot say the same for many other drivers. As long as motorists choose not to ignore distractions while driving, there will always be the risk of an accident.

Did distracted driving cause your car accident?

Distracted driving is a serious problem, both in Mississippi and across the country, and statistics seem to indicate that this problem will not go away any time soon. Distracted driving hurts innocent people every day, and some victims may suffer serious, even fatal injuries. If you believe that this type of negligence caused your accident, you may have a personal injury claim.

Understanding Premises Liability Claims

You're probably familiar with "slip and fall" cases where someone is injured in a fall in the supermarket and they sue the grocer. That type of personal injury claim falls under premises liability law. It operates under the idea that a property owner owes a standard duty of care to those who visit his property, and he can be held responsible when someone is injured on his property due to his failure to uphold this duty.

Defective Products Can Ruin Your Life

When you purchase a product, you expect it to work properly as long as you follow instructions and use it the way it is intended. Unfortunately, thousands of people each year receive serious, often life-altering, injuries because of defective products. Common household appliances, such as hair dryers or coffee makers, can ignite due to faulty wiring and cause severe burns. It is also possible that a badly designed product can inadvertently lead to serious injuries.

Memorial Day Weekend Brings an Increase in Car Accident Injuries and Deaths

Memorial Day: it's a day set aside to honor fallen heroes who died in service for our country. It's also come to represent the unofficial start of summer, celebrated with picnics, parties and outdoor gatherings with friends and loved ones. Unfortunately, it can also be a dangerous time to be on the roadways.

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