How Truck Driver Fatigue Causes Serious Accidents

The size and weight of a large commercial truck can make a collision with another vehicle devastating. State and federal agencies are responsible for creating regulations that minimize the risk to drivers, but even the strictest rules cannot prevent all trucking accidents.

One of the leading dangers contributing to tractor-trailer accidents is truck driver fatigue. In the trucking industry, time is money. Logistics companies rely on drivers to cover many miles on strict timelines. This may lead drivers to forgo adequate sleep to make deadlines and keep their jobs.

As most drivers know, our ability to pay attention and react quickly suffers when we are exhausted. To make matters worse, we often underestimate our own fatigue. Often, truck drivers do not even realize they are too tired to drive. Failure to identify the problem and take an appropriate rest break may result in falling asleep at the wheel completely, which can be disastrous for everyone on the road.

Who Is Responsible For Truck Driver Fatigue?

When trucker fatigue contributes to an accident, the truck driver is typically found at least partially responsible. However, these drivers often face tremendous pressure, either explicitly or implied, from the companies that employ them. Drivers are often expected to work long hours and stretch themselves thin to make ends meet. When a trucking company fails to enact policies that are consistent with safety regulations, they contribute to the danger of driver fatigue and may share liability in the eyes of the law.

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