Diagnosis Errors

Physicians and other medical professionals go through extensive training to practice medicine, and every day, people must put their trust in that expertise. However, medical mistakes still happen, often with severe consequences.

At Chatham – Pittman, PLLC, we help individuals who have been hurt or lost loved ones because of an incorrect or delayed diagnosis. From our office in Hernando, we serve clients in northern Mississippi as well as the Memphis metro area and southern Tennessee.

The Dangers Of An Incorrect Diagnosis

All medical treatment begins with a diagnosis, which means that an error diagnosing a patient can have far-reaching effects. If your doctor failed to properly diagnose your condition, you may not have gotten the treatment you need in a timely manner, causing your condition to worsen. You may have been subjected to unnecessary treatment that wasted your time and money while the real problem went unsolved. Or you may have been given improper treatment that caused more harm than good.

According to a 2015 report by the Institute of Medicine, diagnosis errors happen more often than most people realize. Virtually everyone in the United States will be incorrectly diagnosed at some point, some with lasting health consequences.

With decades of combined experience, the attorneys of Chatham – Pittman, PLLC, know how to review medical records, work with experts and build the strongest possible case to pursue the compensation you need after suffering because of a misdiagnosis.

When Things Go Wrong, The Right Lawyer Makes A Difference

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