Dog Bites

It can be a traumatic event to be attacked by a dog. You are likely to suffer both physical and psychological damage. It is crucial that you seek the counsel of an experienced Hernando dog bite lawyer who can explain the legal process and the possibility of recovering monetary compensation.

At Chatham — Pittman, PLLC, we offer free consultations to personal injury and medical malpractice victims — call us now at 662-298-5160. If you have been attacked by a dog, you will likely suffer multiple lacerations, and you even run the risk of broken bones and infections. As soon as you are medically able, we encourage you to schedule a free consultation at our office. We can listen to the facts of your case and provide an honest, realistic assessment of the challenges you might face through the legal process.

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Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for young children to suffer dog bite injuries. Their playful, curious nature might outweigh their ability to sense danger. Based on the severity of the attack, these children might require stitches, plastic surgery, multiple doctor visits or a lengthy hospital stay. While heartbreaking, these injuries also contain a serious financial component. Medical bills, when combined with a parent's time spent off work caring for the child, can quickly place a family in financial peril. Let us worry about the legal process while you worry about helping your child return to pre-attack health.

Depending on your situation, there might be a city ordinance that has been violated or the dog might have vicious propensities. If you've been the victim of a dog bite, call or email our firm immediately.