Construction Zone Accidents

Highway construction zones involve many moving parts, including roadside vehicles, workers, equipment and passing traffic. Because of these unique conditions, construction zones are frequently the site of serious motor vehicle accidents.

At Chatham – Pittman, PLLC, we represent motorists and workers who have been hurt in such accidents. Our trial attorneys help people throughout north Mississippi and west Tennessee pursue justice and recoup their losses.

Fighting For Injured Motorists And Construction Workers

After an accident involving a construction site, it is essential that you protect your interests and preserve any claim you may have to compensation. We advocate for people who have been hurt in many types of construction zone car accidents, including:

  • Collisions with trucks or other large construction equipment
  • Multivehicle crashes
  • Run-overs/back-overs of construction workers or pedestrians

Pursuing Maximum Recovery

Roadside construction workers do important but dangerous work. If you are a road construction worker who was injured by a negligent driver, you may be able to pursue a claim for your injuries and lost wages.

Many parties can contribute to an accident, including the driver of a vehicle, the construction company, local government entities and safety inspection companies. Our lawyers will explore every possible avenue of compensation to maximize the potential recovery.

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These cases often have strict timelines, and it is critical to begin investigating promptly and preserve evidence. Our attorneys will be there for you from the moment we meet to the resolution of your case.

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