Vehicular Homicides

The charge of vehicular homicide simply implies that someone has lost his or her life, and that your vehicle was involved. Driving while intoxicated is frequently part of the charge, but incidents of racing, reckless driving or unfortunate accidents can be the basis of the charge. Vehicular homicide cases can involve hit-and-run or crosswalk accidents.

If you are convicted, you face heavy fines, mandatory prison sentences, license revocation and lifelong damage to your reputation. At Chatham — Pittman, PLLC, we know you may be overwhelmed with fear, worry and perhaps remorse. The fact is that you have every right to a defense and to speak with an attorney about your rights and options.


Even though you were involved in the accident, you may not have been at fault. If alcohol was a cause of the accident, prosecutors must prove it. There have even been incidents where the person who died, died of something other than injuries in the accident. Therefore the defendant was not responsible for the death.

If an intoxicated bar patron stumbled suddenly into the path of your car, you should not be held responsible. If you had a tire blow out, spinning your car out of control, this is not your fault.

Hernando, Mississippi, Vehicular Homicide Lawyers

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