Domestic Violence And Assault

Relationships can be complex and result in long-standing disagreements. When a heated dispute turns physical, however, law enforcement and the criminal justice system are often involved. If you have been charged with domestic violence or assault, we encourage you to contact our office as soon as possible.

The Hernando domestic violence lawyers at Chatham — Pittman, PLLC, understand the serious implications of a criminal conviction. We will aggressively fight to shield you from the full force of the criminal justice system.

While domestic abuse charges often arise out of an escalated situation, individuals still face potentially devastating consequences. We will prepare an effective defense designed to protect your reputation, your job and your future. When you need skilled defense against a domestic violence charge, call or email our firm today.

Assault Charges

Contact the criminal defense attorneys of Chatham — Pittman, PLLC, online to schedule a consultation, or call 662-298-5160.

It is not uncommon for many assault charges to stem from a simple argument or minor altercation. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your charge, you might face serious consequences if convicted. Let our firm aggressively defend you against your assault charge.

Whether you are facing a simple assault, assault and battery, or assault with a deadly weapon charge, you need a knowledgeable attorney on your side. We understand the nature and complexity of these charges and have the ability to guide our clients through the process. Through the history of our practice, we have also developed relationships with therapists and counselors who are available to help you navigate challenging times in your life. Contact our firm today to learn more about how Chatham — Pittman, PLLC, can help.